Marketing & Advertising

What is InnerScope

InnerScope Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency, dedicated to serving the hearing aid dispensing community. Generating traffic and excitement through the client’s front door is what we do best. Whether the practice is medium or large, we can increase the total revenue without increasing cost. Our turnkey service includes:

  • Consultation on all marketing and advertising aspects to maximize the ROI
  • Creation and implementation of high ROI Newspaper advertising
  • Create and implement high ROI Direct Mail

One of the services that we are most proud of is our print procurement department, that can effectively cut the cost of the average print job from 10 to 30 percent. These services combined with a lower marketing costs means success to your business.

More Info on InnerScope

InnerScope Advertising Agency, Inc., (INND), was initially formed to monetize the founder’s vast experience in generating traffic through hearing aid dispensing practices. The founders of INND have decades of hands on experience and have built some of the largest hearing aid retail operations in the US. The company decided to go public to facilitate its aggressive expansion plan in an industry expected to double over the next 10 years. Revenue streams of the company has expanded to include:

  • Advertising and marketing service based on proven, proprietary models
  • Clinic design services that are unique to the industry, including Clinic set-up, customer relations management and sales techniques
  • Expansion of their core ‘cooperative buying group’ enabling independent hearing aid practitioners to leverage their collective purchasing power of hearing devices by aggregating their purchases
  • Become a leader in the auditory rehab market utilizing interactive web and mobile based self-assessment and training modules.

Matthew Moore, CEO of INND, states, “The hearing aid industry is undergoing the greatest expansion in its history. We have been first hand witnesses to virtually every innovation over the last three decades and feel we are uniquely qualified to identify and capitalize on current and future trends. Our goal is to build a nimble organization of forward leaning opportunities and in the process build great enterprise value for all of our stakeholders.”

Moore concluded, “We will continue to update our shareholders as these important and significant events move forward.”